Big Tulip Pot - Mid-Late? Planting Density?

maidmarionetteJune 28, 2012

Hello all!

I have been gardening for about three or four years now - and though I admitted defeat after Year One in the Tulip department (to the deer), I want to try again.

I have a HUGE deck, and I thought perhaps a low, wide pot with lots of tulips might be nice. Deer rarely climb stairs (it's happened in our neighbourhood, but not to us yet).

I have a couple of pots I've used in the past to grow 6ft Cannas. They are 2ft high and about 2 and a half ft across.

One currently has miniature irises - but they hardly ever bloom anymore, so I'm thinking I should move them.

Firstly, how densely can I plant tulip bulbs? I can go deeper with taller ones right? So in theory I could have "layers" in the pot. My Botanus catalogue has come, and my LOVES are:

Peter Cottontail mix: Double-Flower Peony-like mix EARLY

Innuendo (hot pink): MID

Apricot Foxx (peach/orange): MID

Parrot Mix: Bright, strong colours LATE

I thought I'd add their mini-botanical mix: EARLY-MID

for a "transition". Now I just need a variety of small, delicate blooms for the MID-LATE transition.

So... Can I do "layers" in the pot? How snugly can I plant them?

Thanks SO much!

As much as I'm loving all the novelty Narcissus and Alliums - I wish I could grow TULIPS!


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karin_mt(4 MT)

Yes, in theory you can plant bulbs pretty snugly in a pot, nearly touching and in layers. However, where will your pot be during the winter? If left outside I wonder if it will freeze solid which would be likely to kill the bulbs.

I am also addicted to tulips and our yard is home to many deer. I've been able to battle them off with Liquid Fence sprayed religiously. I still lose some but overall it works out OK most of the time.

Oh and btw we have had deer come up on our deck which is always a sight to see!

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