giant stargazer

southern(z7 Al.)July 3, 2009

4-5ft beauty first year to bloom

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

How lovely, and I imagine the scent is just as lovely, if not more so.

I recently bought a Golden Stargazer in bloom in a pot and it scented the vehicle on the way home. Last night I caught a wiff of it from probably 20+' away. I think I would like an Oriental lily or 2 in lots of places, just for the heavenly scent alone.

Thanks for sharing.


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Beautiful! I agree with Sue about the scent. That smell is one of my favorites!

I planted a bunch of lily bulbs this year, but they are not blooming anything like yours. Most are stunted looking and only a foot or so tall with buds. I have high hopes for next year though!

Enjoy those blooms and scent!


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