Daffodil bulb question

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We recently had to eradicate a troublesome plant in our garden that was growing in close proximity to some daffodil bulbs. We planted a replacement plant in this spot, but have yet to re-plant the bulbs because they would have been too crowded in their former spot since the new plant is larger than the old plant.

Right now the bulbs are sitting in a cool, dry, dark place. Is it best to re-plant them now? Or wait until the fall? I normally only plant bulbs in the fall, but since these are "previously planted", I'm wondering if it's better just to pop them back in the ground now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and thanks in advance!

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I often accidently dig up daffodils and always replant them right away with no problems. Al

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

It would be best if you were to store them in a cool dry airy place and then replant them in Oct once the soil temps have cooled.

There are those who replant immediately though with good success. Planting them now (too early) one runs the risk of them cooking in hot moist soil before they start to root in.


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Thanks for your follow-up posts, especially the tip about avoiding "cooking" them!

The area where we'd want to re-plant the bulbs is in a spot that has some newly-planted perennials that are being watered to help get them established this summer, so the soil is moist. It sounds like in this case it's best to wait to re-plant the bulbs until October.

Thanks again,

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