HAVE: Hybrid Onions, Garden Beans, cantaloupe

egoodrich(5)January 31, 2011


I am a vegetable seed farmer in Washington State. I have decided that this could be a good place to get some new seeds to try in my garden. I did not save many seeds this last year so at this point I only have 3 things. I have some top notch yellow onion seeds. We hybridized these for a large seed company and had some extra. They will grow large yellow onions with a mild flavor. I have some garden bean seeds that will produce thick walled pods with small seeds. And finally some nice cantaloupes. These come from a variety that has a nice sweet flavor and will store well in a cool place. I would be willing to trade for almost anything. I am especially interested in:

Horseradish root


Interesting tomatoes

A mild and sweet habanero pepper

Artic Kiwi cuttings

or anything else that tastes really good.


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Would like to trade.Send me your Email. Frank

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