WANTED - Any bulbs that will grow in Florida

janet-g(9)July 9, 2011

I'm especially looking for Grape Hyacinth. But I would love to try any of the nostalgic northern springtime bulbs that I loved. I have some Easter Lilies and Rain Lilies to offer.


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lila888(Z5 IL)

I have a few mixed Anemone de Caen corms if you are interested. I would like to trade with your rain lilies.

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I have some crocosmia corms if you are interested. Id love a couple of easter lillies :)

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rain1950(W. WA z8)

If you take the bulbs such as tulips, crocus, daffs, hyacinth (which need a period of cold) and put the in the fridge for a couple weeks then plant them out they will grow like in the north. It's what Disney does.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

I have some grape hyacinth that I'd be interested in trading. I got them as a freebie with another order, and would prefer to trade for something else. I'd be interested in either the rain lilies or the Easter lilies. Looks like you don't have email turned on, but if you click on my name you can send me an email if you are still interested

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If its wanted to grow in particular zones, then it falls to the plant, or bulb, to be able to survive in that zone.
The old adage applies: you can take the girl out of the country, but you cant take the country out of the girl.
Northern bulbs do well in the north because they're bred to survive the winter and the coolness of autumn which they use to make roots. True bulbs without roots are just fodder for vermin.
Southern grown bulbs are pre-cooled---by the dealer or the grower and are offered at their optimum time.
Bulbs require a time to be in cool soil and make roots.
Southern grown bulbs, given a necessary time of coolness must still complete the required time to create roots, usually up to 15 weeks. If the dealer cools them for 8 weeks, then 7 weeks (as per the type of bulb) is still needed by the purchaser.
There are specialty bulbs that do not need this length of cooler period, and these are available at southern nurseries. Best to phone the nursery and ask about them.

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