Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths

wisckitchenJuly 17, 2009


I am 4b/5a and want "early" blooming daffodils and grape hyacinths - preferably to bloom simultaneously. I like pale and light yellow daffodils. Any variety suggestions and good places to order from?

Thanks in advance,


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

When do daffodils start blooming in your area?

What sort of grape hyacinths are you thinking of growing with your daffodils? Single? Double? White? Pale or dark blue?

(PS If you want to grow them in containers - the grape hyacinths tend to 'win' over time. They multiply so much faster than the daffodils.)

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I like John Scheepers/Van Engelan (Engelin?Engelen?).
They are sister companies, Scheepers for smaller numbers of bulbs, Van Whatsis for huge amounts.

You know how young girls fantasize about b-o-y-s?
the Beatles or the Monkees or the Jonas Brothers or whoever?

These days I fantasize about ordering bulbs 100 at a time!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'm thinking that the grape hyacinths maybe bloom a bit later than the early daffs.

Just to be sure, I would get a few of different cultivars of daffs and grape hyacinths and see for myself what blooms at the same time. Then next year you could order more of what bloomed best together.

Here is another post about some Good on line vendors

Daffodil Ice Follies is easily found, is usually reasonable priced and is one that multiplies quickly. I really can't remember if any grape hyacinths bloom when it does, or not. Ice Follies is usually found in the early fall in the big box stores too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ice Follies yellow fads as the bloom matures.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Great suggestions already. Yes, you can get Ice Follies quite cheaply in the stores in fall. Don't get too many of this one. As Chemocurl said, it multiplies very quickly.

The earliest Daff to bloom for me is Rijnveld's Early sensation. It blooms much earlier than Muscari, though.
I believe it blooms with rock garden Iris. I have blue Iris reticulata 'Harmony'. Next to bloom in my garden is a miniature daff Tete-a-Tete.

If you would like to pair Daff with something blue, I would like to suggest Scilla sibirica, because it blooms before Muscari. I believe it starts to bloom in March and continues to bloom for a very long time, whereas my Muscari does not bloom until April.

Scilla sibirica ÂSpring Beauty is much larger than the species. I have both. They multiply very well when happy.
This is Narcissus Tete-a-Tete with Scilla sibirica.

My garden is stuffed with daff and blue Scilla sibirica. I aim for blooming succession and fragrance. Most of these are white. A few are soft yellow.

The fragrant ones are:
-all the Poeticus series
(I have Actea and PheasantÂs Eye),

-all the Jonquilla series (I have a couple whose name elude me at the moment  one maybe Jonquilla Simplex),

-all the Tazetta series (I have Geranuim and Sir Winston Churchil. Extremely fragrant late bloomers). Had Earlicheers but disappeared after a few years.

-Thalia, Fragrant Rose, Ice Follies, Carlton, Fragrant Breeze, Patrel: this one is soft yellow and smells like primrose, absolutely lovely,

-Tripartite:this one is the latest bloomer, usually buried by perennials by then.

-Fragrant Daffodils that I donÂt have, but neighbor does: White & Yellow Cheerfulness.

-There are a few miniatures that are supposed to fragrant but I have not tried them. I have not had much luck with mini daffs, except Tete-a-tete. Others died on me.

Hope these suggestions will help you make a decision on choices.
I have the common Muscari that smells lovely.

I get my bulbs exclusively from Van Engelen now. HereÂs the link: Van Engelen.
You can get smaller quantity from John Scheepers, its sister company,
John Scheepers link

Colorblends is also very good, but it does not carry as many varietires as VE/JS above
Coloblends link.

Have fun. You can order now from all three outfits. They wonÂt charge you until right before they ship the bulbs in the fall. You can always change the order anytime. I just place an order with VE yesterday for some minor bulbs, because I can no longer fit in any more big ones. Lol

DonÂt order Lilies for VE/JS, though, if you are particular about the lilies you want. They would send you the wrong ones quite often.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Sorry, somehow I could not link the VE site.
It's http://www.vanengelen.com/

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Thank you all for your information. I have scilla in my backyard, which do indeed bloom about the time I need so I took the suggestion of using daffs with scilla rather than grape hyacinths.

thank you to all who responded,

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