Lily/Daylily Bulbs - Too Late to Plant?

silver_wlf(6 Ontario)July 6, 2006

Is it too late to plant lily/daylily bulbs now? Our store is blowing them off and I'd love to have more lilies, but I don't want to waste my money if they're not going to grow.

Many are growing in the bags.

Thanks so much!!

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jenny05(zone 5)

Lilies (true lilies such as Asiatics etc.) can be planted just about anytime the ground can be worked. If planted too late in the season they probably will not bloom the first year but will most likely send up foliage at least.

Daylilies are not actually a bulb, they do have tuberous roots that will store extra food/water. Daylilies can usually be planted at any point up til about a month before cold weather starts to move in. If you plant them just before it gets real cold they may still make it with mulch, but they do better going into winter with a good root system. If these are in bags the one thing you want to be very careful of is rot, plastic leads to condensation and if you have a daylily plant that has sat in that type of condition for awhile then chances are there are quite a few that are really rotting. If possible I would try to open any before you buy them to see if they look or smell bad.

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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

Make sure they're cheap enough. Be very careful handling lilies that have sprouted (and if they haven't they're probably dead) so you don't break the shoot off. Don't expect much of a show this year, but if they get a chance to build up their strength, they'll reward you next year.

If the shoot does break off, plant the bulb anyway. You've lost it for the year, and it may be a little small next year, but it will come back.

Good luck!

Janet's Garden

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silver_wlf(6 Ontario)

Excellent!! Thanks so much!!

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Where I live in zone 8, daylilies can survive the winter sitting on top of the ground unplanted. I don't know about the colder zones. I have better success with lilies since I started potting the bulbs I get in fall in pots instead of in the ground, and I keep them all winter in my cold but non-freezing garage, then plant them out in spring after they have come up in the pots. I have to be careful but they do well. Lilies I planted out in fall had a poor chance of coming up in spring, I think squirrels get a lot of them.

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