Daffodil Tazetta

coralred(Tropical)July 15, 2009

I read that Daffodil Tazetta does not need chilling to bloom but can it grow well in hot tropical climate around 25-30C throughout the year?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Tazetta is the name given to those daffodils that are Division 8 daffs.

According to the American Daffodil Society Division description
they have clusters of florets (usually more than three) on a stem.
The foliage and stem are very broad. These flowers are very fragrant.

The Tazettas are often used for forcing for early season bloom indoors.

Though some do not require a cooling period for them to bloom, some do require it.

Geranium, a Tazetta, can be grown in zones 3-8, per this on line seller

Minnow, another Tazetta is grown in zones 3-8 per the same seller

Avalanche, another Tazetta can be grown in zones 6-8 per this site

I suggest that when ordering daffs that you just check the zone first if you don't want to have to chill them yourself.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

I know I'm not 'tropical' (right now I wish!!!) - However, I know the jonquils really 'dig in' and pull themselves down quite deeply to the cooler zones of the soil, so the bulbs stay at a more even temperature.

For me they are the first to show leaves and the last to lose them - so they're definitely around as summer comes in, and can take a fair bit of heat. I'm not sure about sustained heat, though, and the equability of tropical areas.

On checking through the books on hand - they're suggested for the northern parts of Australia - and in the warmer zones of South Africa. My own local reference puts them as good for zone 10. (You could try a search on the Oz Forum for jonquils in Northern Territory and Queensland.)

If you can manage morning sun and afternoon shade, plus reliable water and a deep but free-draining soil it is probably worth trying them.

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Unfortunately, I stay in a flat and can only plant in pots. So far I have not heard about anyone having successfully grow them in tropical climate and get them to rebloom.

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