HAVE: Anyone have mini eggplant or no heat jalapeno seeds to tra

bluespiritartist(5A)February 7, 2012

I have such a small area to grow anything and wondered if anyone would have any seeds to trade for Heirloom Minnesota Midget and or Heirloom Emerald Green melon seeds? Both of these melons grow great for me in pots and garden. I would only need maybe 5 seeds. Thanks.


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Have received the mini eggplant seeds...thank you Olga (I'm very excited to get these growing!)
If anyone has any no heat jalapeno seeds...that would be great. I do have some heirloom veggie seeds to trade for.

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I am very interested in blue spice basil, Minnesota Midget melon, iroquoise melon, jasmine seed.i have these seeds to trade.
Wild flower mix
Summer squash pick -n-hybrid
Black beauty zucchini
Clemson spineless okra
Sugar baby watermelon
Korean melon
California wonder pepper
Pull a pepper
Arboles Chilli pepper
Fish pepper
Orange Manzano pepper
Lemon balm
Mint seed
Lavender seed
Dill seed
Sweet basil
Organic wheatgrass
Bean Ireland Creek Annie organic
Bean dragon tongue
Pie pumpkin
Tuscan melon
Sugar snap
White Alyssa
Petite mix color marigold
Mix color Four o clock
Mix cosmos
Sparky mix marigold
Forget -me- not
Cosmos bright light purple coneflower
Moss rose
Blanket flower
Touch me not
Sash a daisy
Aguilera clementine red
Coneflower paradox a
Rubber jia autumn's Un
Dahlia Hollywood
Gloria daisy
Marigold petite yellow
Zinnia Starlite rose
English daisy
Sunflower iris eye
White moon flower
Red hibiscus
Nasturtium double sweet
Salida coral nymph
Aster purple
Columbine medium pink
Blanket flower fanfare
Snapdragon morning glory
Popy mix
Zinnia grand champion pink
California Bluebell
Moon vine
Nigeria Persia jewels
Mix calendula
Morning glory
Pink small zinnia
White small zinnia

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Hi Remy, I am getting quite low on seeds from trading but I still do have Blue Spice Basil and the Jasmine scented nicotina, I can send about 5to 8 seeds of Minnesota Midget. I can send to you for postage. Trying very hard to collect heirloom varieties but am really tapped out doing postage. If your interested in doing an SASE, just e-mail me and will send you my address.

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