growing crinum lilies in the north

birkie(z4 WI)July 24, 2013

I would like to plant some crinum lilies in a large pot and hold them over the winter in our zone 4 home. I read that they do not like to be moved and so don't want to hold them over as dormant bulbs and then plant them out each summer. Has anyone had any success doing this?

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I have done this for about 5 years or so with my crinum lily. I have it potted outside for summer and then store it pot and all inside for the winter. I keep mine in the basement in a cooler room that only gets very occasional artificial light. I repotted it last spring in a larger pot and usually add some new soil each spring. Mine usually blooms several times over the summer. I find it to be a very low maintenance plant. Hope that helps.

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birkie(z4 WI)

Thanks, Debbie. I read they like to be potbound. How large a pot did you use?

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I think I originally put it into a 10 inch pot but have up sized now to about a 16 inch container as over the years offsets have formed. There are about 5 large stems in the pot now and yes it seems to like being pot bound. I have the pink crinum, Powelli I think it is called but have seen some other varieties offered. Which do you have? I don't think it is too commonly grown; most of my gardening friends here are not familiar with it. I guess in warmer climates it is hardy outdoors. It looks to be related to the hippeastrum.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Debbie is correct on all counts. If I could only grow crinums in a pot and had to bring them inside during winter, I would go to the trouble to find one that reblooms reliably. The old Milk and Wine lilies are excellent at reblooming. Here are some others that rebloom and have better foliage than Milk and Wine: Mrs. James Hendry (white with pink blush), Elizabeth Traub (rose red, tall), Emma Jones (pink. needs to be staked every time), Cecil Houdyshel (pink), Stars & Stripes(like Milk & Wine but more vividly colored).

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Whenever I see a plant preferring to be pot bound I cringe. Some plants tolerate the condition better than others, that is true, but it has not been proven to me, that they would not have done better, with enough room in the pot. Al

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