amaryllis in my zone?

joeschmoe80(6 (Ohio))July 20, 2012

I know Lycoris squamigera can grow here as I have 3. What are some others in that family hardy in my zone without lifting, potting, etc?

Crinums? Amarcrinum? Etc?

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I've got a couple of big clumps of Crinum here in the Detroit area. I just throw deep mulch of oak leaves over them every fall, and they sail through with no problems. Oldest is close to 20 years old now, so that should work. Also the dwarf type agapanthus is fully hardy for me (not really an amaryllis family plant, I don't think, but thought I'd throw that in here).

I did try Amaryllis johnsonii (or is it johnstonii), it survived a couple of years but then died. I think it's not so much the cold with those as the dampness, it rotted out at the base, and then finally the offsets even rotted.

Some other bulbs that come back for me are Eucomis (pineapple lily) and glads. This year, I'm going to gamble on my Peruvian daffs, Hymenocallis, and leave at least half of those in-ground, also with a deep mulch.

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