Another bulb storing question

hydrojunkieJuly 24, 2009

I moved into a new house and pulled some bushes and there was some flowering bulbs in front of them. They flowered and I left them until the foilage dried up and fell off. Now I have all these bulbs which I have no idea as to what they are and I want to store them somewhere so I can plant them later(preferrably in the spring but if I have to I could do it in fall, I just need to figure out where to put them). Anyways my question is this something I can do or do I have to replant them right away. If I can store them what would be the best way to store an unidentified bulb? I used the search function but alot of what I saw was related to specific plants so I figured I would go ahead and post a message.

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Can you describe the bulbs, leaves or blooms? They aren't all treated the same so you will have to give more information if someone is to help you.


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