How much a planter cost?

amyxz123March 1, 2012


I just booked a long planter with the dimension of 14'L*14"W*12.5"H fiberglass planter for $820/pc. Many people say that it's too expensive.How much can you pay for a garden planter? Thanks!


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I am sure it must look nice? If it is what you are looking for then go for it. If not go with those large plastic containers that look like terracotta, I have 3 - 7 gallon ones that look very nice.

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A planter that needs to be strong so it does get expensive to build it right. However, my opinion is that $820 is expensive. If it goes with your style, decor and needs it is always acceptable.

Once in place you will not be able to move it around unless you empty it first. Alternatively, you can have say 4 or 5 smaller planters that will give you more flexibility in placement and design. It would be cheaper too, I think. Or you could build it with cedar wood lined with EPDM rubber and many drainage holes. Cedar will be cheaper but will eventually rot and fall apart.

I am curious, where did you get such a planter?

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