HAVE: Need some help giving these seeds away

bigoledude(SE Louisiana)March 21, 2011

I have the following seeds that were purchased in 2007. I do not have the time or funds for postage costs to distribute these seeds.

If someone would agree to take them, use what they NEED, and GIVE AWAY the rest HERE on GardenWeb, it would be great!

Whether you ask for postage or not, is left up to the person who agrees to distribute the seeds.


Beefsteak pkt

Campbell's Soup's "tomato" seed sm pkt

Brandywine 40-50

Black Plum 30

Bradley 30

Tomatillio (Toma Verde) pkt

Homestead ?

Aunt Gerdie's Gold ?

Aunt Rubie's German Green ?


Hot Hungarian Wax 100

Jalapeno (Hot) 100

Cubanelle 125

California Wonder 20

Keystone Giant 1000 (from 2010)


Jubilee 150


Hales best 1000 (from 2010)


Straight 9 pkt

Poinsette 76 300

Chinese Leek 50


Taiwan Black (looks poor)

Hybrid BK


Conover's Colossal pkt

Mary Washington pkt


Early White Vienna 2pkts


Just Right 2 pkts

Snowball pkt


German Giant pkt

French Breakfast pkt

Purple Plum pkt

Easter Egg Blend (Seed Kingdom) 250

Parsley (10 trillion)lol

There must be 1/2 ounce of the dust-sized parsley seed!

I guessed at the numbers unless it was written on the packet. Should be more than the number I guessed. The ones marked "pkt" has whatever the seed company puts in the packet.

I could use a few Ichiban eggplant seed, yellow squash, burpless cucumber and softneck garlic. There is no need to feel obligated to offer anything. This seed is old and, I am aware that some hold-up better than others.

Thanks in advance for whoever decides to distribute these seeds.

On second thought, I would be delighted to hear if any of the seeds germinate! Please shoot me a brief PM if any of this germinates for you?


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I can take and distribute. I am working on a garden and am a Stay at home mom so let me know if you want me to take them. email is Nicky1girl@q.com

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