How long can I store daffodil bulbs?

gamebirdJuly 14, 2008

I'm in the process of moving from Minnesota to Oklahoma and I've brought along some elements of my garden with me. In early May, in Minnesota, we had a late winter and I had the chance to dig up the daffodil bunch before they were more than an inch above ground. I shipped them to Oklahoma and potted them up. They grew up nice and green, but only two flowers. That's how they've been doing for a couple years now.

Then they withered. Yesterday I needed to move a lily into the sun and I dug up the daffodil bulbs and put the lily where they were. So now I have a bunch of daffodil bulbs... about three cups of them. How should I store them? Should I pot them back up elsewhere? They're still not done landscaping at my new house (it keeps raining here in Oklahoma) so I can't move them into their permanent home until later.

Will they survive if I put them in a paper bag in the pantry and leave them there for a few months?

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Put them in an onion bag and hang them in a garage or basement until fall and make sure you put a handful on bone meal in each hole.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Beware of using bone meal if you have doggies that will have access to that area. I once planted tulips, placing some bone meal in each planting hole. My 3 furbabies did not rest until they had every newly planted tulip dug up, trying to get to 'the bone'.

Just try and keep your bulbs as cool as possible, and then plant asap once the area is ready.


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Also be careful of bone meal in areas with lots of ants. I recently planted peony roots and wondered why there would be ants since the plant hadn't any blooms, and it hit me that they were attracted to the bone meal. Of course, the ants won't hurt your daffodil bulbs much, but just letting you know.

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