question on rain lily

nixon(z5ny)July 4, 2009

i am in cold zone 5 wny, i have had what i think are pink rain lily for years outside, i was searching to by more in different colors and they all say zone 7-10, can they be rail lily, and sometimes hardy? does anything else come up after the rain? any thoughts? thanks c

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

It's news to me that any rain lily (zephyranthes and habranthus) would be hardy in the ground as far north as you are. I think if I were you, I would divide the clumps you have and let them multiply in your yard. It sounds like you have an exception to the rule (or a different plant with the same common name). Crinums will bloom in response to rain, but they're no hardier than rain lilies.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

It might be too that you do have rain lilies, but that they are planted in a micro climate of sorts on your property.

I have a patio dahlia that has returned for about 5 years now, that 'should not' be hardy here in my zone.

I think you can maybe identify a warm microclimate area of your property as being any area where the snow would melt off earliest in the winter. Areas where it lingers longer than others areas, I would think might be colder than normal on your property.

I'm going to try and extend the daffodil season here by paying particular attention to where I plant them. I want to plant some where the snow first melts off, and where if melts off normally, as well as the areas where it seems to linger the longest.


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I am in 5a also and have many Rain Lily bulbs that have survived the winter.

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It is good to hear Rain Lily-Copper Lily bulbs are hardy that far North. It could be possible they have hardened out for your climate. Looks like you have a winner there and need to divide as often as possible, your neighbors just may love you. The best we are able to do it try.

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