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dannieroseMarch 19, 2014

I am a gardening newbie and I just bought a Bonnie peat moss pot of Ozark Beauty Strawberries. I'm kind of regretting my decision though because I didn't do my research beforehand and most of the articles I'm finding online on how to grow strawberries are about buying the crowns/roots in a bag and placing them individually in a strawberry pot (which I didn't know existed lol). I thought I could just place the peat moss pot in a regular plastic pot and it would grow just fine, then I read about the runners, etc. and how the plant expands very quickly. The reason I chose not to plant them in my flowerbed is because we have a lot of birds, squirrels, and opossums in our area that I know would find the strawberries and eat them so I wanted to be able to take the pot indoors. So does anyone have any advice on how I can salvage my decision? haha I just don't want to have to return the plant

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

It will grow just fine in a regular pot with potting mix, AKA"potting soil." A hanging basket planter is great if you have somewhere to hang it up. That will put it out of the reach of the critters. Also you can hang nylon bird netting over the plant to keep the birds out of it. Strawberries are hardy I might add. I have some that survived the winter weather here without being brought in, and twice they were buried in snow, and ice.

Also before planting wet the plant till the pot is soaking wet. Cut off the plastic, and then peel the pot off. I know they say to plant it pot and all. It tends make the plant get root bound. So you end up with a plant that starts off doing well, then it starts looking sick.

Oh and check out the Bonnie Plants website they have some great resources, and there is a how to on making a strawberry tower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bonnie Plants how to make a srawberry fountian

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Thanks so much for your advice! :)
I got some bigger pots and they seem to be doing better now. I also pinched off a few of the flowers because I read somewhere that that would make the plant produce more strawberries so hopefully I didn't hurt it haha

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I've grown the Ozark beauty and if I remember right they are a mid season producer and not an everbearing.variety.
The only reason I'm not doing it now is it's too much up and down for these old bones

Pinching off the blossoms is just cutting down on the strawberries you are going to get. Pinching off blossoms will make the plant get bigger but it won't produce more strawberries.

Strawberries produce best the second year. When I grew them I had 2 plots. In spring I'd cut off the runners and plant them. I'd get a few berries from the runners but the most plants from the year before plants. After they stopped producing I'd mow off the tops of the old plants, dig them out and prepare the soil for the next year.

I don't know about pots because I never used them but a raised bed and bird netting should solve the problem of birds--it did for me. critter ridder around the outside of the bed should take care of the animals

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HotHabaneroLady(7a Central MD)

I grow Ozark Beauties too. They are everbearing unless I am very much misremembering. :)

I agree that pinching blossoms will cause the plants to grow bigger while reducing strawberry numbers. But bigger plants can grow more strawberries later. So I think it's really a question of what you want--fewer strawberries now or more later.

Pots are fine for strawberries too. No special pots are needed. Basically any pot is just a container full of dirt. That's true regardless of whether they call it a special strawberry pot or not. My plants are all in a raised bed outside, but I will be putting some of the runners (yes, plural) from my plant into a big bowl this year.

Runners are a fact of life with strawberries too. Ozark Beauties produce runners prolifically. I think last year I got a big harvest, followed by runners, and even some runners from the runners, followed by more fruit that the raccoons ate. There's nothing wrong with runners; they are perfectly natural. They are just baby plants that grow from the mother connected by an umbilical. I like them because I end up propagating the plants a lot. See above about my plans for a big bowl. I also end up giving away strawberry plants. Taking runners is a lot easier than growing from seed. But if you don't want more plants, just clip the runners off. That will make the plant focus on itself--resulting in a bigger plant and bigger berries.

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Sorry for the late reply and thank you all for your great advice! :)

Both of my strawberry plants seem to be doing well. The Quinault has started producing a lot more berries than from when I first bought it and some are even starting to turn pink :) The Ozark is doing well, but it only has about 2 berries so far so hopefully more will come soon.

I do have some more questions though haha
--On my Quinault, some of the edges of the leaves are turning brown. Am I watering it too much?
--I've never used Critter Ridder and this is probably a really stupid question lol but do I spray it just around my garden or onto the actual plant?
--I read somewhere that if you put sugar in the soil of your strawberry plant that it will make the berries sweeter. Has anybody here tried that and if so how much sugar did you put in the soil?
Thanks! :)

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The sugar in the soil will just attract ants. The trick to having ripe strawberries is to let them ripen o the vine. They won't get sweeter after you pick them. Have fun with your berries!

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