Grow Bags???

emgardenerMarch 30, 2010

Getting ready for spring planting and I saw these new grow bags at Summer Winds Nursery and in Gardeners Supply catalog.

Has anyone used them? What were your results?

I use soil blocks for starting seedlings, so I'm familiar with the effect of air pruning on the roots. The Grow Bags claim to have the same good air pruning effect on the full plants. Anyone dumped out a plant growing in an Grow Bag to see what the roots were doing???

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I saw those too, but at $12+ each, didn't feel like experimenting with them this year. The experiment I AM running is with reusable grocery store bags -- the type you can generally get at the checkout for $1. They're made of a polypropylene weave, similar to the growbags. I've read that they typically only last a season or so because of UV breakdown, but that's enough for me at the moment. I suppose you could get the "double walled" feature by placing one bag inside the other -- might also help with the UV issue as the outer bag should protect the inner bag from the sun. (hmmm... maybe I'll go get a couple more bags ;))

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emgardener, the 'grow bags' I have used had an impervious plastic base and a fabric-like wall. They were used for growing trees for later transplanting. Roots would grow through the sidewall and break off as they thickened. This resulted in a profusion of rootlets inside the bag. The advantage is that when transplanted the tree had a mass of functioning feeding roots which mitigated the 'shock' of transplanting. It worked very well for this purpose. On a related note, I once used brown paper bags to create a "container" to hold a composted mix and moisture in place for tomato seedlings transferred to ground planting. The roots grew through the paper bags and I had a good crop of tomatoes.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Last year there was a whole thread on this. Some even make their own out of landscape cloth which has the UV factor in it. One poster made hers from Eco-Felt.

Smart Pots is a maker of these, and here are a couple others:

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