When Can I Transplant Baby Plants in Jiffy Pots?

awestruckMarch 22, 2014

I know that when a plant has roots then it is time to transplant the plant, but I am wondering, if I have plants in Jiffy pots, do I have to wait for them to be a certain size before I plant them in the Smart Pots or can I plant baby plants that are growing in the Jiffy pots? Do I just basically stick the Jiffy pot in the growing medium? Thanks.

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The Jiffy Pots are designed to be planted in the growing medium. This way there is no damage to the roots when you transplant your plants.
I do not think that there are any advantages to transplanting early. If the weather is good enough to keep your plants outside you can transplant your plants, Jiffy Pot and all.

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Many of us do not like those netted Jiffy pots.....here's a discussion on the Veg Forum..............

Here is a link that might be useful: Jiffy Pot

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Yes, it is plenty warm where I am at (Zone 9B). I have some tomato plants that are doing well, and want to plant them in the container soon. I should have just planted them in the container to begin with!

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