Tulips under daylilies

freki(5a)July 26, 2012

well, can you put tulips under daylilies?

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I don't really see that working out too well. They both emerge early in the spring. By mid-May, when the late tulips bloom, my daylily foliage can be two feet tall and with a comparable sprawl.

If you wanted something to go around/under daylilies, I think you would be better off with some of the very small "minor" bulbs like crocus, glory of the snow, snowdrops, squill. If you did do tulips, I would do only the very short, very early types.

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That helps a great deal. Thanks!

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Actually, daylilies are often recommended to disguise sepnt bulb foliage. I guess it may depend on the type and your location -- not all daylilies flush out at the same time nor are all as robust.

The other issue is the tulips and does it even make sense to allow the foliage to ripen and dry off naturally. Since most tulips (other than the species) have a very poor rate of perennialization and are typically planted fresh each fall, a reasonable alternative is to just yank out the bulb and/or foliage once the flowering is done.

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In my area tulips perennialize well, & daylilies don't have any problems. The daylily is a Crimson Pirate, the tulips are a species (clusiana) & a parrot. Both tulips have already perennialized. I want to throw in another species (praestans). My concern is that the daylily roots might be too dense for the tulips. If that's not going to be a problem then I'll go ahead.

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Campanula UK Z8

Well, I don't have tulips under the daylilies, but I do have some next to them and yep, it seems to work out in a weird sort of way. I have pretty rough, sandy soil so I throw a fair bit of water on the day lilies and the developing tulips, then, once the tulips have done their stuff, nothing gets watered again and tulips and daylilies get a good baking. The thick hemerocallis roots seem to get them through (although I do not have any remontant hemerocallis). I did have a hankering to try the early liliosaphodelus with purple lily-flowered tulips (which are surprisingly perennial for me too) but wondered about the sheer amount of strappy foliage so do keep us informed about your planting.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have daffodils planted all around my daylilies. Tulips too. They do serve to hide the spent foliage.

I don't have the extra vigorous daylilies like 'Kwanso' though also known as ditchlilies....

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

What about early daffs instead? I planted a bunch of China Town, which are pretty late, I think, in my bed of orange ditch lilies, and they ended up getting lost. If I'd had any sense, I'd have moved them when I could still find them.

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karin_mt(4 MT)

Daffodils and daylilies are excellent companions. White Flower Farm used to sell a blend of 100 daffodils and 50 bare root daylilies. By the time the daylily foliage covered up the daffodil foliage, they were declining anyway. But of course this depends on your spacing. But for me this combination worked great.
Sadly, narcissus fly eliminated all my daffodils which is sad because the display in the front yard would literally stop traffic - there were thousands of daffodils. Anyway, I am going for a similar effect with Emperor tulips (similar timing as the daffodils) but they don't multiply the way daffodils do. So it's not as good as it used to be. Nonetheless bulbs and daylilies coexist nicely in this area and I can at least recommend them in combination.

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There is a post about this over at the dayliliy forum-something about needing ideas? I have posted photos there. It is a great idea and works well. Your daylilies shouldn't be so close that you can't throw in some bulbs around them. Since there really 2 different flowering seasons it helps prolong the bloom in that bed. When the bulbs near the front are done I put a few annuals in those spots.� Debbie

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