rebaru(z5 QC)July 14, 2012

the supermarket sold these bulbs in the spring. they came up, but now i read that they should be planted in fall, and they bloom in june. is it possible that they will still bloom this summer? they may not even be hardy here for next year....

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Yes, it is possible. In their native environment, these often don't bloom until the foliage starts to fade. It's been awhile since I've grown them but seems bloom time was more like midsummer (now?). And yes, they are typically planted in fall but like most summer flowering bulbs, should do OK with a spring planting.

They may be marginally hardy for you. Good drainage and mulch well for winter.

You might also want to research under Triteleia (probably T. laxa), which is the revised correct botanical name.

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rebaru(z5 QC)

thanks! i will hope to see the flowers this summer.

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