Transplanting Giant Crinums

gardensnail22July 31, 2009

I need to know how to transplant two giant crinum lillies I got yesterday. They are bare root, Do I cut the leaves, Should they go in ground or can they go in pot?? Which is better?? I live in Louisian, very hot and humid. HELP ASAP Jane They are 6 to 8' tall

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They'll survive the winter better if you plant them in the ground (I'm assuming from the height that they're C. asiaticum, procerum, or one of the larger species/hybrids, most of which are a little on the tender side in zone 8), but for now, they can be potted, as well. Whichever you choose, you can cut back the foliage (but not into the "trunk", if it's one of those varieties) in order to keep the plant from being top heavy. Some of it may brown off naturally, depending on how many roots were lost in the transplanting. Make sure to keep the plants watered heavily right now - if they're potted, it won't hurt them at all to stand in a tub of water, as long as it's warm outside. Just be careful not to start a mosquito farm - I sometimes use plastic barrel liners with holes drilled halfway up the side (and not in the bottom) for potting these, since that method assures constant water at the roots, but doesn't leave exposed, standing water.

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Do what works best for you;
crinums are amazingly hardy & persistant.

I've had several bloom in the poor little flowerpots I'd put them in "temporarily".

& I once cleaned out a flower bed & laid a few crinums beneath a big spirea...& forgot them.

All winter they lay there, all spring.

When summer rolled around, I finally "remembered" them when big pink flowers emerged from beneath the spirea!

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could one of u ladies supply me with the info as to where i could get me a couple of the c. asiaticum lilies. i didn't know they grew that tall.

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