pulling bulbs for replant and seeds/hyacinths

harmony7July 15, 2009

I am new to this, and I know I posted questions about two weeks ago, but I can't find my posting so I will start again. I need to move hyacynth, tulip, daffodil and grape hyacynth bulbs. It's now July and everything is gone, but I left the dead tulip leaves alone so I could tell where the bulbs are. I have no place to store bulbs that is cool and dry til winter so I need to know if I can replant them now. If I did find a cabinet ( I have a small pine cabinet in the bathroom) that I could use that would be dark, what is the best way to do this.

Also I have seeds from the hyacynths, what do I do with those?

Help is much appreciated.

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Hi harmony7,

Welcome to Garden Web and The Bulb Forum.

I am new to this, and I know I posted questions about two weeks ago, but I can't find my posting so I will start again.
I just did a search of the whole site on your member name and don't find your previous post either.

Anyway...After bulbs are dug, they need to cure, as in allowed to dry in a shady or cool place where there is maybe some air movement. Once they are dry/cured, they can then be stored. I think you would be just as well off replanting them now, rather than storing them in a cabinet.

I'm not sure about growing them from seed. I recently received some daffodil seed from a friend, and she said to just soak them overnight and then press them lightly into some seed starting mix...and wait. I have also read though that they should be chilled first. Maybe I will do part of them both ways. I imagine Hyacinth seeds would be treated the same as daffodils. I have read too that if grape hyacinth seeds are allowed to just fall if they aren't deadheaded that they will sprout and grow when the time is right. My guess is that they might sprout next spring after having the cold winter stratification.


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I've dug bulbs and replanted them right after digging without any problems. Some years I need to redo a bed and the bulbs get dug along with everything else and then replanted.

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