why wont my amaryllis bloom

Tinkerbel(7b/8a B.C)July 26, 2005

I have had two plants for a about 3 years now and neither one will bloom. I get lots of green shoots but no flower stalk. I put them in a cool dark room for the winter but still no blooms. They are so pretty i want to see their blooms again.

Thank you Tiffany

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wvg7(z5 IL)

Do you place your Amaryllis outside with some shelter from the afternoon sun? Do you fertilize it? Do you plant it in a larger pot after the winter? I have been pleased with the blooming of the A. during the winter, but was surprised when one started blooming a week ago.

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Wildcat_IN_Z5(z5b IN)

Hello Tinkerbel,

Before your store your amaryllis, do you let it dry out totally and cut off all the foilage?

Maybe they do not get cool enough long enough?

I do that to mine and store them in my garage starting in November in a cabinet or my large pots (12" and 18" diameters) I place off the floor in the back of my garage with a blanket or towel over them for darkness.

My garage will keep them above freezing, however, it will be upper 30's tp 50's.

3 months of hibernation is ideal, but I have gotten away with two.

Mine always send up foilage first then flowers. At 7-8 weeks after I start them, they bloom.

Also, in the past on small plants in 6-8" pots, I have put them in a large heavy brown paper grocery sack, tightly closed it up, stapled or taped it, and placed it in the back of my refridgerator for 3 months. Worked wonderfully.


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I plant mine outside with only half the bulb in the ground, mulch in the winter. They bloom every year. I'm sure you have colder winters there than I do, but try planting the bulb half way and see it it helps when planting time is right for your area. trudyjean

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marquest(z5 PA)

I will try this suggestion again. I have read and it is how I grow mine and they bloom every year from Jan-March depending on their schedule.

Outside in their pots all summer about Sept when it gets cool in my area I bring the pots inside. Place them in a sunny window and I reduce watering to about once a month. If a leaf or two dies I cut it off.

They bloom when they think it is time during the winter.

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rowan57(Z8 UK Nr Leeds)

If i want my amaryllis to flower around xmas time would now be the time to allow them to dry out then put them in the fridge until say, beginning of december?


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Wildcat_IN_Z5(z5b IN)

Hello Rowan,

Mine take 7-8 weeks to flower once woken up...so back tracking from Christmas, yours would need to be woken up (watered and placed in a warm place) between Halloween and the first few days of November.

To give them 3 months rest, then they needed to be in the fridge August 1. If you get them in the fridge right now, you'll barely get two months rest.

However, I believe we can push the envelope and get you to succeed!

So...put it in a paper sack, fold up the top and use a few staples to staple it shut. Stick it in the fridge by tomorrow (hopefully it is not soaked). Damp will be fine as most fridge's are frost free types now and will dehumidify, even through the paper sack.

If it is pretty wet, then stick it in the fridge without the paper sack it for a week and check...it will dry out quicker without the sack. If it seems mostly dry, the sack it.

Pull out on November 6th. Put it in the sink and thoroughly water it with warm water (not hot or cold). Then place they pot by a heating duct (or radiator) so hot air warms it up.

Warmth awakens the bulb so if we do this right you have a flower by Christmas!

The warmer you keep it, the faster it will grow.

Always water with warm water.

Move to warm sunny location when leaves come out.

Good luck!


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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

Could it be that they are not getting enough energy stored for blooming again? I like to plant mine out in the garden in full sun...they increase is bulb size and thrive. Once frost knocks the tops down you can dig them and pot up for storage. I have them planted deep next to a foundation and just leave them there...so far, so good. They are been out there for two winters so far, but I am in a warmer zone.

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I think your problem is that the plant is not getting enough sunshine when it needs it most. If grown in the ground in warmer climates that experience frost it goes fully dormant, and then grows and flowers the following spring. During the growth cycle it is important to give it at least very bright light. Sun is preferable. In your climate, which never gets terribly warm, I would plant it outside in full sun, and mulch it in winter if you're concerned about frosts. In summer don't spare the water and fertilizer. I've grown these successfully in the ground in north Florida (zone 8b) and here in southern Japan (zone 9a).

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I bought a bulb here in the North country in Nov.
I followed the directions, got lots of long green stems, but no flower shoots..
I had in at work, and my theory for no bloom is that it didn't have enough light.
My question is: what do I do now to get a bloom, sometime in the future.

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I received an amaryllis bulb for Christmas this past year and I have been waiting for it to bloom. It has several two foot leaFs, but no flower. I decided to do some research ( first time amaryllis 'caretaker' [or any plant for that matter])and have read a lot about ppl trying to get theirs to bloom more than once. Upon reading this I also noticed several ppl talking about removing the flowers and storing the bulb for the winter months. I can't help but wonder if maybe timing of the year has anything to do with the blooming process. I planted it DEC 28th of '08 and from what I am reading I am doing everything else right. Am I being too impatient?? :>

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I followed growing instructions and sixteen weeks later I have two long stems and no flowers and did not have flower buds to begin with. Now what can I do with the bulb? Thank you.

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Wall Flower Studio

Oh MY GOD, stop telling people to cut back leaves and put their amaryllis in a dark cool space. Mis-information!! Every year I read people posting this untruth and quite frankly, I'm tired of it!! Here's my blog post. NEVER cut back the foliage or put them in closets! http://wallflowerstudioseeds.blogspot.ca/2015/02/diy-indoor-gardening-tips-pollinating.html My amaryllis is 140 years old. That's right. It blooms every year. Visit my post and find out how to get it to flower again.


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