HAVE: A few trades of Styrian Pumpkin - Hulless Seed

Dudleya(CA z8 mendocino)September 18, 2005

A very pretty orange and green heirloom pumpkin from Styria, a region in Austria.

I grew them this year as one of my favorite snacks is roasted pumpkin seeds but get tired of dealing with the seed hulls.

The Styrian Pumpkin is C. pepo just like many of the common summer and winter squash we all grow. To keep this variety pure for planting next year (and so I could do a few trades) I hand pollinated and bagged the blooms.

These are offered as a special trade.

Two trades 25 seeds each are up for offer at this time.I am looking for things equally uncommon (vegetables or flowers) so offer your best.

Happy Gardening,


Here is a link that might be useful: More info on Styrian Pumpkins

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What would you like in exchange?

Here is a link that might be useful: exchange page

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