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x207July 9, 2013

I believe the local climate zone is 5a. my parents had placed a hyacinth bulb in the garden outside but I don't think they let it get cold (spring planting) nor grow roots. the bulb is hard and dry atm and the garden has no sprinkler system and relies on hand watering (rare) and rain.

I live in loft unit where its rarely 15-18c. is there anyway I can get the bulb to grow roots and grow in a pot at this time of year? Id like to eventually put it back into the garden if It goes well in the pot. I do keep my unit around 23-26c year round.

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Like most other spring flowering bulbs, hyacinths are summer dormant. Hard and dry at this time of year is completely to be expected as are no roots. These develop when the weather turns cold and the soils moist with fall/winter rain.

I assume from your post this bulb was planted this season, not last fall as is typical. If that's the case, I'd just let it be - it should perform as normal next spring, provided it was handled properly before planting (if growing or flowering, the foliage allowed to die back naturally).

There is no benefit to digging up the bulb to attempt to grow indoors. It would need a chill period or refrigeration for a couple of months before you could expect to see any sort of roots or new growth. This chilling simulates the natural conditions the bulb would encounter in the ground.

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