ID help & advice: amaryllis belladonna bulbs?

misiaJuly 28, 2012

Hi! Moved into my first home in Fresno Ca. 2 yrs. ago and there are massive mounds of bulbs that never produce foliage or blooms. No luck getting an ID from local nurseries. Thought they may just need to be divided and then might produce or maybe divided and planted deeper? Also thought about digging up and throwing away because beds just look empty and ugly with these large mounds. There are some naked lady / amaryllis belladonnas coming up near them and bulbs look similar. Can anyone guess what these bulbs might be or offer advice on what you'd do with these?I'd be so appreciative of any feedback you might have. Thanks!

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Sorry - posted pic, but didn't go through - here's photo of bulbs for ID.

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I would dig them now and divide them. If they did not bloom in the last two years they are not going to. This is the time they would be sending up flower stems. I would wait until the rains start to replant them in sunny locations, out of the way of most of the garden. They will grow foliage over the winter which will die down in the spring completely until the blooms come up with no foliage about the first of August. They may not bloom for a year or two, sometimes even more, if they don't get enough sun. In most soils they get along with just the winter rains, but benefit from some summer water, and no fertilizer is usually required. Al

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Thank you so much Al. I'll do that. Wasn't sure if they were Amaryllis, and wasn't sure how to replant without knowing - seemed strange that they were mounded up so high above ground. But, you're right - not much to lose if they haven't produced in 2 years. Thanks again for helping make a decision.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

When you dig them, clean one off and post a pic, folks here might be able to better judge what kind it is, and how healthy it is. If they are in good condition, you could have a great treasure trove there - just in need of some attention to make it shine.

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