Help with pulling and storing daffodil/allium/tulip/scilla

gartleyideasJuly 14, 2013

After many years of wanting daffodils I have them! All planted in pots as house and yard renos are on going. I am hoping they will have homes to go in the ground this fall. I planted tulips, daffodils, allium, and scilla's.

What to do with them now? Leave them in their pots? Let the pots go completely dry and put them under cover out of the rain? Or pull them and store them for a few months? If I pull them, what do I do to store them? Remove all dirt and put them in a box of sawdust until planting time?

If I leave them in pots, there are a couple pots I would like to empty and use over the summer so I would still need to know how to store those ones.

The leaves are 1/2 brown, the other half still have some green but all are floppy.


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ken_mce(zone 4, NY)

For the ones that are still a little green, if you can, let them finish photosynthesizing and go down into the bulb. They will know when they are done.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

You could just leave them in their pots. Put them somewhere that's not too baking in the sun hot and then either plant them out in the fall or start watering them in the fall.
For the ones who's pots you'd like to use, take the bulbs out of the soil and store them in either a mesh bag or paper bag. Keep them in an airy, dry spot in either a garage or shed (not inside in the airconditioning) and remember to replant them again in the fall.
Good luck!

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