Planting Spring Bulbs

djbrandon199(5b/6a)July 22, 2013

Hello Everyone! :)

I'm pretty new to gardening, but I have a friend who's helping me through everything. I've got two beds set-up with a reasonable amount of plants in one of them. As for the other one, I'm smothering the grass and weeds for planting in fall.

The friend of mine brought up ordering bulbs for the fall together and I was wondering if there were some that I could plant in my yard without mulching, or weeding and only giving them rain water?

I already have Crocuses, Snowdrops, and Winter Aconite in mind but I was also thinking about Species Tulips, Grape Hyacinths, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, Hyacinthoides Hispanica, Scillia Siberica, Ipheion Uniflorum, Chionodoxa, and even some daffodils. I'm asking about the daffodils because before I got the border set-up there were several tulips, both species and the fancy kind, and Daffodils (none of which I planted) growing in the shadier part of my yard that gets morning sun and very little afternoon sun. I didn't even water them, though I did transplant them to the new border

Also, will these be shade-tolerant? Do they spread as well? The majority of my backyard, which is huge, doesn't get sun for the full six hours required for "full sun".

Thanks in advance, Brandon

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I think all of your bulb options should work, they also should do well in a semi shaded unmulched location. The snowdrops and winter aconite might be the only ones a little iffy, and not because the planting site doesn't suit them, more so because many bulb vendors carry bulbs that have dried up and will be too weak to survive without coddling.
But they're still all great choices, just don't take it too hard if the two I mentioned give you a little trouble. (and dont let my warning discourage you too much, snowdrops and winter aconite are two of the best and earliest little bulbs to grow!)

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Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it :) My aforementioned friend said that she would be willing to share her snowdrops and winter aconite because she has tons of them. My friend did tell me that winter aconite usually doesn't grow from bulbs.

Thanks again! :)

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