Stargazer and Tiger Lily Bulbs Zone 10 Care

Danny2693(Zone 10)July 29, 2013

I have a couple of questions about growing Stargazer and Tiger Lilies in Zone 10. I bought some spring-planted Tiger Lily Bulbs online which ended up growing into Stargazer Lilies and I also bought Stargazer Lily Bulbs at my local gardening store but, they are having a bit of trouble sprouting. After my lilies begin to die what should I do with them? I read that in zone 10 you have to refrigerate the bulbs because they need to be cold for a while before planting them again in the spring. So when should I refrigerate them and for how long? Also, what should I put them in when I refrigerate them? My Stargazer Lily Bulbs are spring bulbs and I am planning on purchasing Tiger Lily bulbs again for the fall which will be fall bulbs. Does it matter if half of my bulbs are spring bulbs and the other half are fall bulbs? Do I have to refrigerate them at different times because of my hardiness zone or it doesn't really matter? I am thinking about refrigerating half of my lily bulbs and leaving the other half in the pots that I have them in to see if there will be a difference between them.

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