Okra Pests

mikepmJuly 19, 2009

This is a picture of the underside of a leaf from one of my infected Okra plants. The black spots are insects of some kind since they move around but they're so small I can't count their legs. The white modules don't move.

Any thoughts or remedies come to mind?



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You never posted a pic. Though very small black insects sounds like black aphids.

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memphisminnie(Mid-South 7)

They are probably aphids. I had them on two of my okra last year and freaked out. I actually put seven dust on them and it cleared up immediately. I wish I had gotten to them faster though. The plants started to look pretty ratty. After dusting them, I had okra out the wazoo! Good luck

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I, too, have some kind of bug on my okra. It is larger than an aphid; about the size and shape of a lady bug, but it is white with black spots and is soft. Anyone seen anything like that before?

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