Eucharis amazonica question

winnjoe(MTL)July 21, 2010


Two years ago I bought a pot of Eucharis amazonica with 2 plants. It sent up pups and bloomed last year. A few weeks ago it sent up 2 more flower stalks but just a few days ago one of the stalks lost its buds. The leaves coming from that bulb have turned limp and yellow, like the old leaves do normally (but normally one at a time!). Does this mean the bulb has died? The plant is in dappled sunshine but we have had a lot of rain and cool (lows down to 65F)

Joe, in Montreal

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To me it sounds like it could be rotting, I think you should get it out and check it! Rot is a huge culprit in bulbs, with all the rain and low temps it for sure sounds like the problem!

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