Scilla siberica, S. mischtschenkoana: which flowers earlier?

linaria_gwAugust 23, 2012

Hi there,

so I try to be organized and prepare my order list.

For a part shady border (good, somewhat heavy soil) with some hours of full sun I want some more bulbs to naturalize. Should go with Hostas, so they should appear well before their foliage (tried and dumped botanical Narcissus, Tulips are just too late and messy...)

The Scilla siberica were fine so far, but I would like to go for white or white-ish flowers. So I came across S. mischt-something, and it was described to start flowering in February/March., pale-blue white

Do any of you grow both and can compare their flowering time? I would love to have really early flowers (If in doubt I would get S. siberica alba).

I tried Chionodoxa luciliae Alba, but in my bed they act very delicate and dwindle away without showy flowers.

Thanks for some comments,



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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I usually get the scilla mtchxryurgh ( I will never be able to spell that name) blooming a couple days earlier than the scilla siberica, usually around a week, so no they don't bloom at the same time in my experience.

scilla m. is more tail end of snowdrops, crocus, eranthis bloom season.... scilla siberica is more early daffs, hyacinths and corydalis solida. Does that make any sense?

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Hello kato, thanks for your answer. Nearer to snowdrops sounds good. One or two more things: did the S. miscte..... spread or propagate in your garden? And are their flowers bigger than the ones of S. siberica?

Well, thanks, bye, have a nice Sunday, Lin

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

hmmmm. I guess the individual blooms are similar sizes, but the s. mitch are a bit more 'clumpier' than s. siberica, shorter and more dense is the look. Mine did not spread but that might be a result of them all dividing off a single original bulb and not being able to cross pollinate.... maybe.
I've divided and moved them about a bit and they do well. I'll see if I have a photo.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I found an old pic, but I guess the age doesn't matter to anyone other than myself!

I used to think it was puschkinia, but someone straightened me out. Scilla mitch%^@#* clumps up better than either puschkinia or chiondoxa in my experience.

wow what a bunch of spelling nightmares, I'm breaking out in a cold sweat.

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Hi kato, thanks for the great pic. They do look gorgeous and more showy than Puschkinia.
I noticed with interest the plants surrounding it: probably Sempervivum, Sedum acre? and perhaps some Aubretia in the background. Did/do those grow in a very hot and sunny spot?

I just wonder, whether they would be happy in my border. In my catalogue (by a specialized bulb+seed shop so they probably know their stuff) , they were described to do well both in shade and sun. In my bed they would get some hours of direct sunlight and lots of light in general. But the soil is rich and somewhat heavy and probably moist in summer (this summer I watered my perennials- Hosta, fern- only 2 times after they started wilting).

Well, perhaps as a decider I should read up on their natural habitat.

Well, thanks again, have a good planting season,

bye, Lin

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