Gladiola Corm Planting Preparation

nzbeginnerAugust 12, 2009

Hi all, I am planting my Glad corms right now in New Zealand and was wondering if I should be pulling the root plates off which have dried from last year and also wondering about whether or not to peel the flaky covering off of them or not? Thanks all.

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Yes, a light twist of the wrist will remove the dry, shrivelled old corm. It's dead and useless now.

Don't bother removing the tissue-y covering. Doesn't hurt if you do, but it's just an added layer of protection for the corm.

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Thanks for the answers. I was thinking about peeling the flaky outer part off because most of them have shrunk a little and there is some air between the outer skin and the actual corm. Maybe I am being a bit too fussy... :)

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It's normal for the outer skin to get a bit loose; often it falls off in routine handling. If the corms are firm and you don't see any evidence of mold or damage on the outer skins (or on the corms themselves if you've peeled a few back out of curiosity)- plant them and don't obcess.

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Awesome, thanks for the advice.

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