Is it better to buy Fall bulbs now or later (cost-wise)?

rinomanfroni(7)August 5, 2010

Let me know if this is a good bargain:

200 Crocus "cream beauty" $38.00

25 Snowdrops (Galantus Nivalis) $11.50

50 Daffodils Triandrus "White Thalia" $31.00

50 Daffodils Double "Cheerfulness" $28.50

50 Hyacinths "L'innocence" $44.00

Shipping $19.89

Total $172.89

Is it too expensive, or do you know a website that sells bulbs for a cheaper price?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I think those prices seem quite reasonable. You 'might' find an item or two a bit cheaper elsewhere, but the added postage would likely eat up any savings. I say 'go for it' and place your order now.

May I ask who has those items at those prices?


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It's from

They are the cheapest bulbs I have found so far, I just thought I would better ask before ordering in case somebody else knows about a cheaper place to buy them!



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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I hate to be a wet blanket, but save your money on the crocus and Galanthus. Other than crocus tomassinianus, crocus don't do well in the deep south. There is no kind of galanthus that do well here. A great substitute for them is leucojum aestivus. If you order the Snowflakes (leucojum), I would recommend ordering them mail order. If the bulbs aren't quite fresh, they won't come up.

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ladywindsurfer(Z7 SE)

Check Van Engelen/John Scheepers

Van Engelen
John Scheepers

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at their prices.

You might also check for local sources. WMT, KMart, Sam's Club & Costco's should be receiving bulb shipments very soon, if not already.

I agree with Donna, regarding the Snowdrops. I've grown nivalis for years and I think they have only bloomed twice.
On the other hand, I have great success with Crocus, both the species & Dutch hybrids. I grow thousands of them, as front of bed liners and in the lawn.

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I can also recommend John Scheepers and their companion company, Van Engelen(for larger quantities-wholesale).
Have purchased thousands of bulbs from them, during many years, for fundraising events & my own use, and always receive top quality bulbs and excellent service.

Would also echo the previous recommendation about checking local sources. There is a local Dutch family, that operates an outlet in my area and their prices are super low for many types of spring flowering bulbs.

I have also experienced great success with Crocus in my garden and grow many different colors. I have tried Snowdrops twice during the past 25 years and they failed both times.
Good luck!

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Remember, too, when considering bulbs, price isn't the whole story. Be sure you're getting a bargain on the size -- a low nominal price isn't a bargain if it's on tiny, starter bulbs that won't give you a good performance, IMO. All reputable companies will state the diameter of the bulbs -- compare it to other companies' prices on the same size and quality/grade.

You can get decent bulbs at local stores sometimes, but you do have to be careful there. Many times they are very small. And, sometimes the quality is bad, diseased or whatever. I buy both locally and through mail order, and overall I'd say buying from someone like Van Engelen or Brent and Becky's gives you the best quality. But it definitely pays to pick up bargain bulbs on clearance late in the fall. Last year, I found bulbs for about 80% off at Meijer, a regional superstore chain in the midwest. Not the best bulbs in terms of size, but for $1 a bag for roughly 10 tulips or 25 crocus it was a real bargain. Dumped them all in the ground or pots just before Thanksgiving, and they did fine this spring.

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