Gladioli - Colour Variation

avisrapaxAugust 4, 2011

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it was normal for gladioli to exhibit colour variation like this or if it's indicative of a problem / virus etc.

I've grown these same plants for two years - Gladioli Laguna a 'green' flower with pink at the edges. Last year a few flowers showed a little more pink in the throat or on one single petal but this year more of them seem to be blotchy =(


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These look wonderful, this "blotchiness" included!
This is just natural color variation.
I am expecting the same for Gladiolus "Mon Amour" that these will bloom for me during the next days - and where the extent of pink blotch on yellow basis color might vary, considerably.
I assume that the final color pattern depends on the environmental conditions:
Light, temperature and, who knows, even the air humidity might contribute.

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Gladiolus hortulanus "Mon Amour"

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