Gladiolus flowers breaking

kaali_maaliAugust 10, 2009

I have planted some gladiolus bulbs this spring... they are blooming now but each but plant is not able to support the flowers and they are drooping or breaking.... do not have so many staking sticks, I see in my neighbours her gladiolus without support also is doing quite well. Where did I go wrong.

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A typical problem with glads - the bloom stalks are heavy.

Use one stake to tie up several plants if you've planted them close enough together. Or pick the flowers and enjoy them in the house, since they don't look all that great outside once the florets start blooming out up the stalk.

Next season, plant the corms deeper and closer together. A good sized, solid corm can be planted 5-6" deep; this will give the plant stability. And close together is fine too - NOT the 6-8" apart as the literature always says. I plant mine an inch or two apart at the most - and in clusters, not all lined up in a row like soldiers. Lastly, you could always buy more stakes - inexpensive at Wal-mart.

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I buy bamboo stakes at Dollarama. I also use velcro plant ties. These are easy to use and hide in the foliage or between flowers. They are reusable. I collect all mine in the fall and put them in a large margarine container. Some I have used for 4 years and they are still good.

duluthinbloom is right you didn't plant them deep enough

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Those planted deeper did not make it! Maybe the soil was too hard.
So I need to add lots of top soil and plant deeper next time. I will check walmart for stake which are cheap and velcros plant ties for next season.
I think planting close is a very good suggestion, mines are soldier type right now. (o: with the space mentioned in the packet.
Also, I did take those broken flowers in and they indeed looked very pretty there, need to plant more next time... some to be lost just like this year, some for inside and some for outside... loved these flowers.

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