Peruvian Daffodil - Ismene hasn't bloomed

bloominganne(Atlanta 8)August 31, 2008

Hi, I have a generous neighbor that gave me a Peruvian daffodil bulb about 3 years ago and it's never bloomed. I planted it in a raised bed that gets lots of sun. Every year it makes foilage and never blooms. It is overgrown by a large salvia. When should it bloom? How can I get it to bloom? Is it possible I planted it too deep and should remove it and plant it higher?

Thanks, bloominganne

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Yes I think you planted too deep. They are reliable bloomers when kept close to the surface but planted six inches deep will often not bloom. Al

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bloominganne(Atlanta 8)

Thanks, Al, I'll replant it. I think it's been making offshoots since there's more foilage each year so I may have more than one to replant.

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On the eastern seaboard, Ismenes tend to be sporadic in their blooming because of erratic rainfall patterns; they're used to very definite wet/dry seasons, such as in a Mediterranean climate. 'Sulfur Queen' is the only selection that blooms fairly reliably for me in the ground. Festalis and 'Pax' bloom pretty well if the bulbs are either grown in pots and stored dry on their sides for a few months or lifted and stored for the winter, but just make big clumps of foliage when left in the garden all year. I've also found that for most amaryllids deeper planting keeps the bulbs from splitting as much, which in turn promotes flowering (since the plants can't reproduce vegetatively, they attempt seed production), but this may not be true of this group of Hymenocallis.

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