Oh ny God! Tell me evrything will be ok? Cold Temps!

meyermike_1micha(5)March 4, 2011

Ok...Everyone here knows that I have a popupi greenhouse outside.

I have had it going ALL winter without one problem. Well just one. I had a dream I lost one heater when it was 5 degrees outside, just to wake up to this dream and see that this DID happen! I had to run out and get a replacement withing 20 minutes.

Two space heaters and not a hitch before or after that day. It has braved fierce winds, below 0 days and nights, and even thick snow, all that work!

Well, it is suppose to be finally into the 40's to 50's starting tomorrow in which winter has finally broke it's back.

I took a look at the thermometer first thing this am as I always do, at about 5am, and it told me a reading of 65 in there, just beautiful.

On my way to work at that time, I was thinking "Hum, wouldn't it be a joke if for some reason on the very last day of these freezing temps, that I lost my electricity after a long winter just to loose them now that I am past the frigid temps?" Nawwww

Well It did happen!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother called me at 600 am to tell me it was reading 34 in there and to hurry and get home. Can you believe it?

Murphies law or what?

I got the heat going again and it got to the high 60's within a half hour.

Right now it is at perfect temps again and doing ok.

Do you think my plants will be ok at those temps for such a short duration? I have citrus, brunfelsia, hoyas, and jasmine in there. Sometimes I think my many tuitions are to accurate and come true too many times.

Can you beleive it? Just crazy. Thanks everyone


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)


it probably took a good 30 minutes to drop that low. I wouldnt think only an hour or so at that temp would hurt anything.

you should be just fine.


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I agree... but I'm hoping for the best, Mike, just in case.

We frequently lose power during winter storms, living out in the boonies as we do, and even though we have a generator that runs the furnace and well and other important items, I worry about falling temps in my upstairs apartment in the interim, before the generator gets started and warmth returns. We're usually fine, and I haven't lost any plants yet, but if we weren't here to start the generator and make the electrical switch... I'd lose everything!

I think what's dangerous to plants is fast temperature changes, so if the temps lowered and came back slowly, you should be just fine. Plants are very resilient, for the most part. They want very much to survive.

I've got my fingers crossed for you, anyway, Mike! You're very lucky to have Mom at home to monitor these things for you, and lucky to have such good intuition! :-)

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You guys knew I would be back in a short amount of time.

You are the best! Whoosh....I am just so glad the roots didn't freeze and that my mother caught it in the knick of time. I guess there are some advantages to caring for our moms when in need, right? She called me as soon as she noticed and I think I broke the speed barrier to get home and get the heat going.

Thank God I have her at home watching things for me while I am away! She even zips and unzips my hot house when it gets to hot in there, like 95 degrees, until I get home.
I also just realized that in my attempt to warm it up in there this am, I totally forgot to water them, so she will do that too in a half hour thank God..:-)

I bought her a huge coffee and I am going to take her out to eat for that. She is always keeping an eye on the temps for me..:-)

By the way Jodik, she wnat you to know she cares for you so and prays for Larry to keep getting better and for you to stay as healthy as you can be despite your sickness.
You are loved by us here!

Mike...Thanks for the encouragement man! I bet your trees are just awesome about now in your mix, at your hands mercy, without the mites and longer days. Yahoo.


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Thank you, Mike... and I'm glad everything worked out ok with your plants. There's nothing more depressing than losing plants to something you have no control over.

Good catch, Mom! You're sure on the ball! :-)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mike..

Glad to hear everything is alright....To close for comfort !!! You are very lucky to have your mother keep a watchful eye on your precious plants and trees.

I also think that all be be fine with all of you plants..they didnt seem to have the temps stay that low for to long...all will be fine, I'm sure!!!

Moms are wonderful...my mother is staying with me for a while...she had a bad fall last week, but is doing much better. I am enjoying the time with her...

Give your mother a hug for me and tell her that she really deserves a big hug for that great "save"....

Rest well Mike... i hear you about that intuition...sometimes we just have to listen to what we are feeling.... : )

Take care everyone...

Laura in VB

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Cherish the time you get to spend with your Moms... be thankful every day. I wish I had spent more time with my Mom while she was around, but I did get to spend the last few months of her life with her. When she was diagnosed with acute leukemia, I dropped everything and went to stay with her, to care for her. We had the best time together! We shopped, went for long drives, walked, talked... and my favorite thing was having coffee with her in the early morning, watching the hummingbirds and finches at her feeders.

She passed away a few months later, at home, with all of us kids around caring for her... just as she wanted. That was more than 10 years ago. I still miss her dearly, but I'm so glad I got to spend that time with her, to thank her, to appreciate her.

Time passes by so quickly... never take it for granted. Treasure every moment you can. :-)

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