I need a Sherlock Holmes

prettyflowers27(60007)March 2, 2011

Help! I've broken the bottom of a planter and can't find the company to see about a replacement. Normally, I would just get a new planter, but its part of a set. The store I bought it from is gone. The company name on the bottom is 'Tag'. Searching for 'tag' in Google is useless. 1,940,000 results in 27 seconds. Everything from watches to kid's games to the logo (tag) for Planter's Peanuts. Any ideas for me?

Here is a link that might be useful: Oh What A Beautiful Garden - Chicagoland

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TAG actually stand for Trade Association Group, Ltd. and it is a very large gift and housewares importer/wholesaler.

The ONLY reason I know this is because the nursery I work for buys from them for our gift shop :-) As does a bunch of other gift store type retailers in my area. They have some cool stuff but tend to change out their products frequently. IOW, last season's stuff may not be available this season. Hope they can help you out!

Sneaking off in my deerstalker cap and magnifying glass.......:-)

Here is a link that might be useful: TAG Ltd.

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I have been able to repair an irreplaceable container to be able to continue to use it, it will depend on the nature of the break. I drill holes either side of the break and stitch it back together with copper wire. Al

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