Oops!! Found glad. bulbs

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)August 20, 2010

Hello everyone: I just discovered that I 'forgot' to plant the Glad. bulbs I bought in the Spring. This was a 'first time' for me: decided I loved them at our wedding and would try some this summer. Is there any way of preserving them through the winter, they are not hardy here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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I wouldn't waste my time trying to save/store them now. More likely than not they'll simply dry up; with no reserve energy in the corm they'll be unable to sprout next spring.

Glads are among the most inexpensive of the summer bloomers - available by the bag or box at the Big Box Stores, home improvement centers, Wal-mart, Sam's Club, Costco, etc. Buy some fresh ones in the spring and remember to plant them.

When I plant glads, and it's not every year, I always look for the packages marked "Grandifloras" - these have the big stalks and large florets. Because they're heavy and can flop, I plant them deeper and closer together than recommended. I dig them in the fall just to clear the garden space, but I don't try to save them. I know there are thrifty gardeners who find digging and saving the corms from year to year a worthwhile enterprize, but I never have.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Duluth, thank you for your advice and information on growing glads. I actually just had a look at the bulbs and they are pretty well dried out already. I don't remember what I paid for them, but I'll just have to chalk that up to experience. Something to look forward to next year.

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