Protecting Bulbs from Hungry Critters

Sequoiadendron4(6B)August 13, 2013


We have some voracious rabbits in early spring that love to sample the leaf sprouts from our spring bulbs. If I'm lucky, they will eat the entire plant and flower (sarcasm) especially tulips. I will be planting a fair amount of new bulbs this fall and was wondering if there was something I could put in the soil that would deter their plant menacing. Someone told me that if you put cayenne pepper in the hole with the bulb as you're planting it then the animals will leave it alone when it sprouts. Does anyone know if this is true or perhaps could offer alternative advice? Thanks so much!

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I know about those rabbits! I actually gave up on growing tulips. My bunnies seemed to love the extra zest that chili pepper flakes added to the bulbs! It didn't deter them at all. You may want to try planting something near them that they won't eat like: daffodils, hyacinths and or aliums. I've also heard that that places sell bulb cages to protect the bulbs. I've never tried them but I did have a friend who tried them without much luck.

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I was on another site and few people over there mentioned success with planting mini daff bulbs around plants they didn't want the rabbits to touch.

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