Behlen's food-grade stocktanks?

catherinet(5 IN)March 8, 2014

Anyone here ever use the poly stocktank from Behlens that is supposedly made with FDA approved food-grade plastic for container gardening?

Where did you order it from? I know Amazon sells it for something like $148 (free shipping). But another place sells it for something like $69 plus shipping. I have to call for the price of shipping.

I would feel better growing my veggies in a container like this.

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I really like that shallow tank, it looks perfect for growing veggies (with plenty of added drainage). I don't have any experience growing in it, but check out a Tractor Supply store if there's one near you. If they don't have it, maybe they can order it for less than Amazon. If you're watching your dollars, you may consider using blue or white plastic food grade barrels. They run about 10 bucks a piece in my area, and when you cut them in half, you get two planters out of each barrel.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks Beach_bums,

I'll ask Tractor Supply if they can order it, but I doubt they can. They get soooo much of their stuff from China now, which is a bummer. Then again......maybe the Behlen's one is made in China too.
Where did you get your barrels? Or are you talking about the 5 gallon buckets?

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shazaam(NC 7B)

You might also want to consider Root Pouch fabric pots. They're made from recycled water bottles (presumably FDA approved for food contact earlier in their lives) and assorted natural fibers (cotton, jute, etc.), and they're very affordable (especially in comparison to that stock tank).

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