Will this work? Vertical gardening in Starbuck's bags

rosiew(8 GA)March 10, 2011

I've gotten some of the heavy silver foil bags that Starbuck's bean coffee is packed in. They are about 12" deep - after making a 2+" fold on the top. They expand to the size of a gallon milk jug. Thinking I could put some strips of wood along the top and nail or screw to my 6' fence. Maybe put a spacer behind this to keep it slightly away from the fence.

Writing to ask y'all if you think these would make good containers and would like suggestions for what to plant in them - veggies or flowers - and which ones.

Will appreciate your ideas.

Rosie, Sugar Hill, GA

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That's an interesting idea and a great reuse of the bags. I'd love to see pics if you do it. I bet flowers or strawberries would look great in them.

I immagine it would work as long as there is drainage etc...

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Ya - it should work fine, as long as the bags don't deteriorate and break down in the sun.

Great idea for herbs & veggies that don't require tons of soil - or flowers. If you think your soil is staying wet for too long - stick a wick through the drain hole & just let it dangle below the bag.

Good luck!


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rosiew(8 GA)

Thanks for responding!

Al, what should I use for wicking material?

Can experiment with these, which will be fun. The bags are really strong. Guess the number of drainage holes I punch will depend on what I plant. I have had no success with nasturiums but will find seed for some trailing ones. Still looking for ideas for good candidates.

You're the best.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Awww! - thanks, Rosie ;-) You're too kind!

You can use a strip of 100% rayon (man made chamois) or strands from a 100% rayon mop you can often find at Ace Hardwares or Wally World.

Almost anything that will absorb water and not rot quickly will work to drain excess water. I really like some of the nylon drawstrings you can sometimes find used as closures on mesh onion or citrus bags. I have a few that are more than 15 years old I'm still using.


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