pile of iris bulbs

dinajean(upstate SC -Zone 7b)August 15, 2007

Hi - someone gave me a pile of iris bulbs that have been dug up for a while - all the leaves are dead. I live in upstate SC - should I plant the bulbs now, or store them till the spring? Also someone told me when I plant an iris bulb, that they like to have the top sticking up out of the dirt. Is it okay to mulch over the part sticking up or does it have to stick up out of the mulch too? Thanks for any input - I am new to bulbs.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Plant the iris corms ASAP....and yes they like to have their top half exposed to the sun. They lie along the top of the soil, don't plant them sticking down into the ground.
And iris do best in dry soil without any mulch.
Linda C

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Since they've been out of the ground for a while, you might soak them for maybe 1/2 hour before you plant them, & trim off that old foliage & throw it away.

Here in Texas zone 8a (hot dry summers, winters that other people tell me are "mild" but wet), I put them in the ground so that the end of the rhizome at the base of the leaves is exposed, & the rest of the rhizome is just barely under the soil.

This helps prevent sun scald.

Irises return year after year after year, & they're just beautiful; they used to be called "the poor man's orchids" because of their beautiful flowers.

Best luck, & have fun!

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