Asiatic Lily

bloombuddieAugust 16, 2011

I purchased Tiny Hope and Tiny Nanny on sale a couple weeks ago. Been too hot in the 100's to put them in the ground. Now the foliage died back and I'm left with bulbs and bare dirt. Should I plant them anyway or save them somehow till Spring? Thanks for your help. Ann

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Save them for next spring. I guess your lilies were in full bloom when you bought them. I like to keep my lilies growing and green after the bloom to build the bulb for next season. You should have been able to keep yours growing in their pots. Al

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I bought 8 pots all half price at Walmart after they had bloomed. Six of them are still green and growing and I intend to put them in the ground once the temps are out of the 100's. These two went brown on me and broke off. I'll just leave them in their pots then and plant in the Spring.

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Nancy zone 6

I'm not sure why wait til spring? I often purchase clearance lilies & plant when I can, even if the tops have died back. They grow fine for me, but I know location can make a difference.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I too was thinking that now would be the best time to plant them. If they are held for spring planting, they could either dry up/out, or else rot if they are kept moist.

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A bulb in the garden with roots established will never in my experience rot, even if the soil remains wet. A bulb without roots however has readily rotted for me. Al

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