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jenndevAugust 3, 2009

Ok so heres the question I have a good sized space in my front garden, where there is currently several tropical hibiscus they will be comming in for the winter mid september and they wont go out again until mid/end of may. I was wondering can I put tulips there that bloom from say april-may then dig them up and store at the end of may? I am kind of under the impression that they will need to stay in the ground until the foliage dies back, is that true or can I cut them back then dig them up?



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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I am sure you can plant tulips there. But I don't dig up my tulips though. Too much work. I leave them in the ground and most come up the following spring anyway.

You can choose early, mid and late blooming tulips to extend the blooming season.

See this thread for sources:
Bulbs sources.

Good luck.

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Choose early tulips. They come in early mid and late season.
When they are finished blooming, Dig them up but leave on the foliage. Put some soil in the bottom of a pot and plant them close together. then cover with soil to the level they were growing in the ground.
Set the pot in a sunny spot and water occasionally; not sopping just wet. When the tops turn brown, pull them off and put the pot and all in a dark,dry, cool place. Then in the fall turn out the pot and plant them.

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