Bulb Merchants?

sandhill_farms(10 NV)August 13, 2010

I didn't want to highjack maplecat's thread so I started a new one.

Never having purchased bulbs before I was wondering if any of you can suggest some of the better merchants that "have large selections" of bulbs? Thank you in advance....


Southern Nevada

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I ordered most of my bulbs from Van Engelen.
Sometimes I ordered from Colorblends also.

I have not ordered much anymore, because my garden is awfully stuffed.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I too use Van Engelen. Happy to say what I choose is what they send.

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chocolatemoose(Z1, North Pole, Alaska)

Easy To Grow Bulbs
Love them for variety, quality and customer service.
I've purchased from them multiple times over the last couple years.
All my indoor forced bulbs last winter came from them. And I've experimented with everything from begonias to Gloriosa lilies which are currently blooming in pots in North Pole, Alaska. Highly recommended.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy To Grow Bulbs

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

The real challenge is to learn what varieties will do well in your climate. Do some research and then keep a list of latin names with you. The truth is, even the generic bulbs (of compatible to your climate varieties) that are sold at the Big Box Stores will typically do well if they haven't sat out on the "patio" for too long. Look for large, firm bulbs that feel heavy for their size. The bigger the better. If this is your first year to grow bulbs, you probably need to be preparing a bed as soon as possible so you can plant them in well drained, reasonably moist soil. (In your climate, you'll probably need mulch.) Put your money into preparing the soil and go with cheaper bulbs for your first time. In the end, you'll be way ahead.

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sandhill_farms(10 NV)

Sorry I haven't been back here to read the responses sooner. Thanks to all for your help.

Donnabaskets: Good advice. FYI I have very large growing areas that I use to grow vegetables and am gearing-up to grow for market. I grow organically and make all my own compost so I have the soil thing covered. The bulbs are for my wife in which I'll set aside specific growing areas.

Thanks again for the information.

Southern Nevada

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My impression is that Van Engelen is primarily a wholesale operation. They have a retail subsidiary, Scheepers, at www.johnscheepers.com. I'm just getting into bulbs, and am about to place my first order. But I can tell you that Scheepers puts out a wonderful, informative catalog.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I love Brent & Becky's

When I lived in Phoenix I grew freesia, ranunculous and jonquil type daffodils.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brent & Becky's

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I've ordered from all those mentioned. Can't complain about B&B and Colorblends. Not as thrilled with VE as I used to be. Last year, I found that when I ordered amaryllis and tulips from both CB and VE in the same variety, the CB bulbs were bigger. I like bigger because tulips will not naturalize here and although amaryllis will, the size difference was BIG.

Last year I also tried Netherlands Bulb company for big alliums. Great bulbs much nicer than any I got from VE in the past and a great show. I haven't tried their tulips, but have heard they are nice too.

I agree I love the Scheepers catalogue that is VE's subsidiary. But after the alliums I ordered from VE in 08 didn't bloom at all in 09. Same with some amaryllis. SEveral 'ryllis I gave as gifts were tiny (I mean only a few inches tall and not by plan) and only produced one stalk. Soooo, if I can find what I want from another vendor I'll go there.

yes, I am still a bulbaholic

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