Crikey -- they're here! Local garden center had its fall display

denninmi(8a)August 24, 2010


It had almost its full line out -- tulips, daffs, hyacinths, alliums, various other specialty bulbs. About the only thing missing was amaryllis and paperwhites. On one hand, it would be a good time to buy and plant colchicums before they start to bloom in the display bin. OTOH, it was kind of depressing to see bulbs so early. Gosh, the ink on the packaging must be barely dry at this point!

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Did they have the Hallowe'en displays out, too? Or the 'buy early for Christmas' offers??

I agree. It's daunting. Hope you get some great buys, though.

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Yup, they also had their Halloween and fall hardgoods out. Lots of decor items, silk flowers, that sort of thing. A veritable sea of rusts, oranges, reds, golds, and yellows.

Well, we all know they have to push it now, so they can get the Xmas stuff out in October.

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Fall is right around the corner...I'm thinking of bulbs now anyway, figuring out what I want to plant. Usually by this time of year I've had it with gardening and don't care to plant bulbs. Then spring comes and I tell myself I should have bought more bulbs. This year, I plan to buy some.


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This is the first time I ever logged into the bulbs forum and the only reason I did was because I got my Dutch Gardens Catalog today. Thought I'd see what everyone was doing with bulbs and read the FAQ's. I need more bulbs and have not had good luck with buying from local sources. These are going to cost more, but I'd sure like to have a nice Spring display. According to the FAQs most people have had good luck with DG. Think I'm gonna order. Cheryl

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tepelus z6a SW MI

I just looked up this company on the site we cannot name here, and I see many negative comments about the company, some have said it used to be great until Burgess bought them out. So, try at your own risk. Maybe place a small order and see what you get.


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