Dug up glads a bit too early!

honeybeemAugust 15, 2010

We used to live at my mother-in-law's property and I left some glads to retrieve at a later date...I had seen some in flower and noticed they were finished and the flower stems dried today, so I dug them up before looking up when to do so. Now that I've "googled" a little I see I should have waited a bit more. The green stems are big and healthy, not yellowed like I read they should be when you dig them. It's maybe even possible some had yet to flower. So....should lay them out to dry anyway and plant next spring? Does it matter if I cut off the green stem or should I leave it? Or should I go ahead and plant the corms right now. They did fine being left out all winter at the other place. I'm also posting this in the OK gardening forum where I'm from..zone 6a...Thanks very much for any help!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

If it were me I'd get them into soil immediately and hope they're a vigorous enuf cultivar to thumb their noses at the early uprooting. Hopefully there are still some roots.

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Corms need that green to yellow to support energy for the corm for the following season. You need to get them back in the ground! If you let them dry up you could cause the corms to shrink an incredible amount and it could take years for them to bloom again!

Good Luck

*btw, zone 6 is pushing it a bit, I'm zone 6 as well and most of mine come back but you never know :) *

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